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Dead Kennedys to Reissue "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables"
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06.03.05: American Idol Apologizes to Dead Kennedys
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Coors Beer Sponsorship of Event Reeks of Bad Politics and Corporate Greed

Dead Kennedys announced today that they have pulled out of the “Waking The Dead” show at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles on October 29, 2005. The event will go ahead as scheduled without the Dead Kennedys but will include Suicidal Tendencies, the Germs, Flipper, and Marky Ramone as previously announced.

Dead Kennedys have decided to pull out of the show for political reasons as the band was not informed that there would be corporate sponsors when they agreed to play the show and were specifically unaware that Coors would be a major sponsor until advertisements for the show appeared in LA Weekly. Dead Kennedys immediately contacted the organizers of the event to object to and discuss the removal of Coors' sponsorship, but a suitable arrangement could not be made.

A Google search of Coors will turn up information on a company that for years has funded right-wing groups such as the Nicaraguan Contras, the anti-gay Moral Majority, and the notoriously anti-punk Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). Coors has also broken numerous unions, is anti-environment, and has funded lawsuits against affirmative action. More disturbing facts about the company can be found at www.corporations.org/coors.

“Dead Kennedys have always been wary of corporate sponsorship and steer clear of lending our name to promote a product,“ said Dead Kennedys guitarist and founding member East Bay Ray. “Because we were not alerted to the ultra conservative, right-wing sponsor for this event, we could not see a reason to go ahead and perform at this show in good conscience. Dead Kennedys want nothing to do with this event or Coors and I am disgusted that they are now sponsoring punk shows, something they are politically at odds with.”

Dead Kennedys apologize to their fans, but hope to serve as an example to the punk rock community that certain ideals shouldn't be sacrificed. The band looks forward to playing an L.A. date in the near future to celebrate the 25th anniversary re-release of "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" and encourages you to think before you drink….Coors.


It has been a landmark month for Dead Kennedys, starting with the band playing the 11th annual X Games in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The crowd battled sunburn and high-priced lemonade to come out and see the show. The band had been instructed to deliver a "PG" set, which, of course, didn't sit too well in our anti-censorship stomachs. Rather than let the corporate sponsors hog the spotlight, we decided to play anyway...and to find some loopholes...

Instead of ditching the song "Police Truck" in a town so notoriously plagued with police corruption, we changed the second verse to specifically suit the times and the venue: "We gassed protestors at the DNC / We covered up the murder of B.I.G. / Read it in the papers, watch it on T.V. / It don't faze us, we're the L.A.P.D.!" And for the bridge: "You think it ended with Rodney King? / Believe me, baby, we ain't changed a thing / Try to start a riot, you'll never learn / We'll sit back and watch your city burn!" Having said that on stage, Klaus and Jeff were a little concerned when they were approached by two L.A.P.D. officers after the set, but thankfully it turned out they were fans who just wanted to congratulate the band on a good performance

Other than "Police Truck", the band wanted to keep the rest of the lyrics intact, so before "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" Jeff explained to the audience that DK had been asked not to say any dirty words and that we had agreed to such a condition in the interest of spreading important ideas (such as providing a counterpoint to the Navy recruitment booth across the parking lot). He went on to explain that the band still vehemently opposes censorship, however, and that in this case the audience would need to lend their assistance to the fight. So we sang "Nazi Punks" and the audience enthusiastically assisted with the "Fuck Offs." It was a beautiful moment of solidarity.

A week later, DK headed to Canada for the first time in years. For those Americans who have been considering a move to Canada since election day, Dead Kennedys can now say first hand that it's not such a bad idea! With sold out club dates in London and Montreal and a headlining spot at Toronto's Wakestock Festival, our tour of the Great White North was a huge success and a great time. Thanks to the Canadian fans for being so overwhelmingly supportive and for putting up with our broken French!

Aside from having a good time and meeting some great folks, we were also reminded of the ever-present pro-America slant of our home country's media. For the duration of our tour in Canada, the front page story in their major newspapers was a trade dispute. If you haven't heard, it seems the U.S. has been levying unfairly high tariffs on Canadian lumber since 2002. Last year, a NAFTA panel ordered the U.S. to stop imposing the tariffs and pay Canada back 5 billion Canadian dollars ($4.1 billion U.S.) that the U.S. had collected over the years. In early August the U.S. lost its appeal, but still refuses to pay back the money. And what's more, the U.S. CONITNUES to levy import duties on Canadian lumber. It 's like something out of "Judge Judy", only less mature.

Again: front page news every day in Canada. But hardly a whisper of it in the American media. So for those who still wonder why America is not looked upon favorably around the world, take a moment to think about the numerous other things our government has done to other countries that simply go unreported. And for those who think that NAFTA was anything other than a ploy to thicken the purses of a bunch of corporate overlords, read up and think again. (And fight CAFTA while you're at it...!)

So remember:

FAIR trade, not "free" trade.

Fight censorship.

And skate hard!

Dead Kennedys


October 25th Reissue to Feature Original Album and Artwork along with Bonus DVD Documentary of Previously Unreleased Archival Live Footage and New Interviews on Manifesto Records

Los Angeles, Calif., & San Francisco, Calif., (September 14, 2005) – Seminal punk rock band Dead Kennedys announced today that they will be reissuing one of the greatest punk albums of all-time, “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - Special 25th Anniversary Edition” on Manifesto Records with bonus material.

The October 25, 2005 reissue of “Fresh Fruit” (originally released September 1980) will feature the band’s original album on compact disc as well a new bonus DVD documentary of previously unseen archival live footage and new interviews about the record. The 55 minute bonus DVD includes some of the earliest known live footage of Dead Kennedys performing tracks such as ‘California Uber Alles’ at the San Francisco venue Mabuhay Gardens, ‘Kill The Poor’ from Sproul Hall on the U.C. Berkeley campus a mere two months after the band formed, ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ shot during the band’s only live date in France, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ from the Mabuhay and a newly edited two-camera shoot of ‘Funland at the Beach’ from the Mabuhay as well. Manifesto Records reissued a single-disc, audio-only version of “Fresh Fruit” without the bonus DVD in September 2005.

“25 years on, ’Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables’ has become something no one in the Dead Kennedys could have predicted when we recorded it – a truly important punk rock record that stands the test of time,” said founding member East Bay Ray. “The thing that we felt could improve this release for the fans of the original record was a bonus DVD of unreleased archival live performances, interviews with the band and the people who were there from the beginning and rare images of the Dead Kennedys from day one. This record was about changing the way people looked at their government and sadly, that very same thing seems to be needed even more 25 years later.”

The bonus documentary DVD on the 25th anniversary of “Fresh Fruit” touches on the early days of Dead Kennedys and goes in-depth about the recording of the album, the songs that were featured on the album, the significance of the band itself and rare images of early pressings of the album, promotional campaigns, posters, early singles (45s), rare posters and articles written about the band. New interviews were conducted with Dead Kennedys’ guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist Klaus Flouride, Ninotchka (former lead-singer Jello Biafra’s ex-wife), Dead Kennedys first manager Chi Chi, Dirk Dirksen, promoter of the Mabuhay Gardens where the band got their start, Oliver DiCicco who engineered ‘Fresh Fruit’ and other Dead Kennedys albums, Iain McNay, co-founder of Cherry Red Records who owns “Fresh Fruit” as well respected music journalists, Johnny Angel, Eric Himmelsbach and Craig Rosen. Former lead-singer Jello Biafra was asked to participate and chose not to.

07.15.05 - Moon Over Miami

Dead Kennedys would like to send a shout out to everyone who came out to our recent shows in Florida. We had an unforgettable time on the road and were stoked to hear everyone's compliments on the shows. Our special thanks go out to the crowd in St. Petersburg, who asked us back for an unprecedented third encore, and also to the fans who traveled all the way from Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and other countries of South and Central America to catch our show in West Palm Beach!

Among the many good memories we have of the tour, one that sticks out is meeting two police officers who told us that the song "Police Truck" inspired them to become cops so that they might fight the tide of police corruption. The members of Dead Kennedys are always energized to hear that music can inspire positive action and look forward to continuing to spread the band's message further.

In West Palm Beach, the band dedicated "Police Truck" to the memory of the Notorious B.I.G., due to recent allegations that his murder was facilitated by some of L.A.'s finest. Read the latest on the B.I.G. case HERE, and read more about police misconduct and how to curb it HERE.

And keep an eye on deadkennedys.com for new pictures, tour updates, and more coming soon.

Thanks again,
Dead Kennedys

06.13.05 - American Idol Apologizes to Dead Kennedys

From: "Susan Slamer"
To: Dead Kennedys
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 6:29 PM
Subject: Apology from American Idol

I wish to express our sincere apology to the Dead Kennedy's and their fans for the inadvertent use of their version of the song "Viva Las Vegas" in American Idol, Season IV.

Susan Slamer
Music Supervisor


For the whole story regarding this apology, please read this.

04.05.05 - Dead Kennedys Respond to False Idol

"While some bands like to keep their legal battles private, some record labels STILL insist on conducting witch hunts without researching the facts. Or, even worse, by taking the word of someone at Fox! For those who are interested in the Dead Kennedys/American Idol controversy, please read the fax below and note the date it was sent. For everyone else, feel free to move on with your lives."



March 17, 2005


Ms. Susan Slamer
American idol Productions, Inc.
7800 Beverly Blvd., Suite 251
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Re: DEAD KENNEDYS - "Viva-Las Vegas" Unauthorized Master Use

Dear Ms. Slamer:

We represent the popular music group DEAD KENNEDYS.

It recently came to the band's attention that "American Idol" used an approximately 15-second clip from the band's 1980 recording of "Viva Las Vegas" in episode four of season four of the show without authorization,

The band zealously guards the integrity of its musical repertoire. Be assured that the band had no intention ever to grant approval for this use.

Accordingly, the band requires the following:

(1) The use must be deleted from any and all further broadcasts or other uses of the episode in question, with written confirmation of same;

(2) The production company must pay twice its most favored nations rate for the unauthorized use, of which half will be payable to the band and the other half will be payable to the Scholarship Fund for the Blue Bear School of American Music in San Francisco.

Payment should be forwarded care of the undersigned.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Very truly yours,
David M. Given

01.26.05 - East Bay Ray Confirmed for Panel at LA’s D.I.Y. Convention

DK guitarist, East Bay Ray has been confirmed to take part in a panel at the D.I.Y. Convention (www.diyconvention.com) on Friday Feb. 11th, 2005 in Hollywood Ca. Ray’s panel, THE STATE OF PUNK will include Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, TSOL/Coheed and Cambria manager Blaze James, Rubio/Thrice manager Nick Bogardus, Michael Steele, program director at influential LA radio station Indie 103 FM and will be moderated by noted music industry attorney Anita Rivas.

01.21.05 - Klaus Flouride invited as a guest this past weekend at the NAMM

DK bassist Klaus Flouride was an invited guest this past weekend at the NAMM show (www.namm.com) at the Anaheim Convention Center on Jan. 21-23, 2005. Klaus was there to hang out, sign autographs, test some new equipment and play the bass till his hearts content. . The massive international convention is a bi-annual event featuring the latest music products from around the world.