11.05.01: "Mutiny on the Bay" is Out Now!
10.29.01: DKs on Tour!
10.19.01: Interview in "Skratch Magazine"
09.05.01: Record Release Party for New Live CD "Mutiny On the Bay"!
09.01.01: "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" in Origins of Cool
08.02.01: The Strongest Link - Surfrider Foundation Receives $25,000
07.24.01: Manifesto Records Enters Deal with DK to Re-Issue Catalogue
05.22.01: "Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live" on DVD and Video
04.05.01: 25 Years of Punk

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11.05.01 - "Mutiny On The Bay" is Out Now!
"Mutiny on the Bay: Dead Kennedys Live! From the San Francisco Bay Area," the first live CD released by the band, is available now!

1. Introduction
2. Police Truck
3. Kill the Poor
4. Holiday in Cambodia
5. Moon Over Marin
6. California Über Alles Riot
7. MTV Get Off the Air
8. Too Drunk to Fuck
9. Goons of Hazard
10. This Could Be Anywhere
11. Forward to Death
12. I am the Owl
13. Hellnation
14. Riot

10.29.01 - DKs on Tour!
East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro will be joined by Brandon Cruz, the singer from Dr. Know, to play more shows and release parties for Dead Kennedys' new live CD MUTINY ON THE BAY. In Los Angeles, the four performed unannounced at the September 26 Key Club release party for "Mutiny." The party was packed. It sold out 3 weeks in advance, and there were 200 to 300 fans waiting outside, hoping to get in. The audience response was fantastic - they really loved hearing the music live, most of them for the first time! Because the reaction was so great, the four have been asked and have agreed to do more shows as all four love and care about Dead Kennedys' music. And they're going to perform the band's very first shows in South America - stand back Argentina!
Tour Dates

10.19.01 - Interview in "Skratch Magazine"
East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, D.H. Peligro and Brandon Cruz are interviewed together in the October 2001 issue of "Skratch Magazine," #68, a special old school edition. The interview was done at the Key Club show in Los Angeles.

09.05.01 - Record Release Party for New Live CD "Mutiny On the Bay"!
Wed. Sept 26, 2001
Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood
Meet original DK members: East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro
Also performing at the party:
Angry Samoans
Monkey's Mid-life Crisis (featuring the singer from The Attics)
Cell Block 5

09.01.01 - "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" in Origins of Cool
The re-mastered GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH CD is featured in the Origins of Cool column in the November 2001 issue of "Alternative Press," along with a short interview with East Bay Ray.

08.02.01 - The Strongest Link - Surfrider Foundation Receives $25,000
Surfrider Foundation will be receiving a $25,000 donation from the TV game show "The Weakest Link," thanks to one of its lifetime members, Brandon Cruz. Cruz, who played Eddie Corbett on "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," selected Surfrider to be his charity as he competed against other TV stars from the '60s, '70s and '80s.

Cruz is not only recognized for his TV role, he is also the singer for the punk band Dr. Know. Surf filmmaker Art Brewer's recent film "The Misfits" features several Dr. Know songs.

"This is definitely a great surprise," said Surfrider Foundation's executive director, Chris Evans. "Surfrider is stoked to have Brandon's continued support. This donation will help us to expand the ongoing monitoring and research of Pratte's Reef."

Cruz grew up surfing around the Silver Strand in Oxnard. There he met Tom Pratte, who would later help found Surfrider and lead it in one of its first big battles against a jetty extension proposed by Chevron. The battle eventually led to the construction of the nation's first artificial surfing reef in El Segundo, CA. The reef was named after Pratte as a memorial after he passed away in 1994. For more information go to www.surfrider.org/artificialreef.

07.24.01 - Manifesto Records Enters Deal with Dead Kennedys to Re-Issue Catalogue
The former members of the legendary punk rock band DEAD KENNEDYS have entered into an agreement with MANIFESTO RECORDS, an independent record label based in Los Angeles. Manifesto will release a new Dead Kennedys live album MUTINY ON THE BAY and will re-issue four digitally re-mastered albums from the Dead Kennedys' back catalogue throughout North America. The release date for all five albums will be September 11, 2001.

Leading off is the first live album ever authorized by Dead Kennedys, MUTINY ON THE BAY. It features previously unreleased live recordings of the band performing classic tracks such as "Police Truck," "Kill the Poor," "Holiday in Cambodia," "Moon Over Marin," "California Über Alles," "MTV Get Off the Air," and more. All were recorded on their home turf, the San Francisco Bay Area, and it's all real - there are no overdubs.

PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS / IN GOD WE TRUST, INC., FRANKENCHRIST, BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRACY and GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH, the four DK back catalogue CDs, have been newly transferred from the original analog tapes, using the latest digital technology, by JOHN CUNIBERTI at THE PLANT MASTERING in Sausalito. John Cuniberti, now a cutting-edge mastering engineer, was the recording engineer on many of the original Dead Kennedys' recording sessions. Digital technology has improved since the Dead Kennedys' catalogue first appeared on CD in the 1980s, so these new CDs make it possible to hear all the sound from the band that had previously been lost on the old releases.

A grueling court trial in May 2000 found that the Dead Kennedys' previous record label covered up royalties owed to the band and that the label wrongly issued the DKs catalogue without the band's permission. The band has now turned to Manifesto to release their catalogue. "We did Dead Kennedys as a group, and the band is run by a majority of the band members, which only makes common sense. We want the new live CD and the fresh and 'fat'-sounding re-masters available to the public. This new deal with Manifesto allows that to happen on a national level," said guitarist EAST BAY RAY. He added that "the live CD leaves all of those bootlegs out there in the dust." The band has previously authorized the release of the catalogue in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Manifesto (www.manifesto.com) is distributed exclusively in the United States and Canada by Navarre Corp. and has a catalogue that includes recordings by Tom Waits, Tim Buckley, The Wedding Present, Cinerama, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and others.

05.22.01 - "Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live" Available on DVD and Video
MUSIC VIDEO DISTRIBUTORS and DECAY MUSIC are pleased to announce the home viewing release of DEAD KENNEDYS - THE EARLY YEARS LIVE for worldwide distribution on DVD and VHS.

...a motto that the Punk Generation would certainly agree with. Flashback to the late '70s and early '80s, when an American punk band known as the Dead Kennedys paved the way for a new music generation.

DEAD KENNEDYS were one of the most popular and important American hardcore punk bands of the late '70s/early '80s. They formed in San Francisco in 1978 when vocalist JELLO BIAFRA answered a music paper advert placed by guitarist EAST BAY RAY. They were joined by bassist KLAUS FLOURIDE, drummer Ted and a second guitarist known to posterity simply as 6025. The latter soon departed, and Ted was replaced in late 1980 by D.H. PELIGRO.

This 30-minute program captures the band live from their early years at various venues, including the Mabuhay Gardens, Sproul Plaza, at Berkeley, and Target Studios, from 1978 through 1981. Live, DKs were an intense combination of chaos and theatrics. Much of the material is from the classic and critically acclaimed debut LP, FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES, which certified Gold in Britain.

In addition to nine live songs, THE EARLY YEARS LIVE includes hilarious news footage from Jello Biafra's notorious mayoral candidacy in San Francisco (an election in which he came in fourth!).

The Early Years Live shows this poignant and controversial band at their very prime.

Songs: California Über Alles / Kill the Poor / Drug Me / The Man with the Dogs / Insight / Let's Lynch the Landlord / Bleed for Me / Holiday in Cambodia / Viva Las Vegas.

The DVD includes some fun additional content, including a Sing-A-Long option, Band Biographies, Dolby Digital Stereo and a Chapter Search by songs

Please check out www.musicvideodistributors.com.

04.05.01 - 25 Years of Punk
Check out the May 2001 issue of "Spin," which has a cover story on the 25th Anniversary of Punk. The Dead Kennedys' song "Kill the Poor" is in the "Twenty Greatest Punk Songs Ever," and "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" is in "The 50 Most Essential Punk Records." Dexter "if you think I'm not a punk" Holland of the Offspring talks about going to a Dead Kennedys show in the early '80s. To coincide with the "Spin" article, VH-1 aired "All Access: 25 Years of Punk" on April 19, 2001.